Covid-19 has had a huge impact on the Trucking Industry. This industry has faced multiple challenges over the last year due to lockdowns and decline in demand, new intercity travel restrictions, lack of demand and shortage of drivers.

Like every individual in the country, fleet owners too, have come together to help restrict the spread of this virus and are looking after their staff.

Drivers, helpers, cleaners and mechanical teams form the backbone of the goods transportation industry. Understandably, a majority of drivers and other employees have returned to their native villages to be with their families during these trying times. Others, however, have chosen to stay put and are continuing to work to transport essential goods and commodities.

Fleet owners are doing their utmost to take care of the mental and physical well-being of all their employees. Some of the best practices they are following are,

Regular Testing and Health checkups – With new variants and new symptoms, detecting the virus is not straightforward. Regular testing and checkups are ideal to detect the virus at its preliminary stage for effective care and medication.

Safety Procedures and Hygienic Working Conditions – Sanitizing, wearing masks and gloves are the new norm. Ensuring all staff members diligently adhere to these practices is one mandate all fleet owners are uncompromising about. Keeping the work environment clean and sanitized is another top priority for fleet owners.

Repair and Maintenance – Maintaining, repairing and sanitizing commercial vehicles frequently is another policy adopted by fleet owners to rein in the spread of Covid-19.

No overburdening of work – The pandemic has adversely affected the mental wellbeing of many. Fleet owners understand this concern and are expertly delegating tasks to make certain no one is overwhelmed.

Covid-19 has negatively impacted each and every person. Collectively, we can restrain the reach of the virus by following simple precautionary practices ourselves and for our staff.