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Caterpillar CM210 Continuous Miners

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Both strong and powerful, the Cat CM210 is unique in the industry with it's low seam height capability of 30 inches (762 mm) and its tremendous power. We've balanced the total installed power of 770 hp (575 kW) for both tractive effort and cutting power. As a result, this machine is extremely productive in coal - and when the geology demands it, will cut rock to help you stay on the seam or manage floor and ceiling states. The CM210 has a unique cutter boom design for high volume coal pass through. We've matched this volume capability with a conveyor system that has a loading capacity of 10 - 12 tons a minute (9-11 tonnes). You can match this machine to several of our haulage and utility products for systems efficiency.

Specifications of Caterpillar CM210 Continuous Miners

Caterpillar CM210 Continuous Miners Specifications


  • Mining Range 0.71-1.52 m (28-60 in)
  • Total Power 575.0 kW
  • Weight 47.60 tonnes (105,000 lb)

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