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Caterpillar RB120 Roof Bolters

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This particular model is Caterpillar's smallest and most compact roof bolter. It can be productive in the smallest spaces and in seam heights as low as 32 inches (81 cm). It has a single arm design with automatic temporary roof support and overhead canopies for the operator when tramming and bolting. While tramming, the operator can choose from two speed settings, and power is applied at each wheel to help it maintain traction in soft ground. Both simple and efficient, the RB120 is designed to get in and out of an entry quickly so production can resume.

Specifications of Caterpillar RB120 Roof Bolters

Caterpillar RB120 Roof Bolters Specifications


  • Boom Single
  • Frame Fixed
  • Operating Height 813.0 mm

Dimensions (Approximate)

  • ATRS reach – with 26×7-12 tires 1930.0 mm
  • Bolt tightening torque (adjustable) 271.0 N·m
  • Chassis height – with 26×7-12 tires 660.0 mm
  • Chassis overall width 1880.0 mm
  • Drill boom feed 1270.0 mm
  • Drilling feed thrust (maximum) 3175.0 kg
  • Drilling torque (variable) 380.0 N·m
  • Ground clearance – with 26×7-12 tires 150.0 mm
  • Minimum tramming height – with 26×7-12 tires 813.0 mm
  • Overall length with ATRS 4521.0 mm
  • Tram speed – fast 0-39.6 m/min (0-130 ft/min)
  • Tram speed – slow 0-18.3 m/min (0-60 ft/min)
  • Wheelbase 1067.0 mm

Drive Train

  • Type Four wheel planetary drive; each drive consists of a Fairfield W1B torque hub along with Char-Lynn series 2000 hydraulic motor.


  • Start Two (2) push buttons located at tram and drill station.
  • Stop Three (3) tape switch (panic strip) that de-energizes electrical system and applies automatic brake.


  • ATRS Support Cylinder One (1) 89 mm (3.5 in) bore, double acting cylinder with pilot operated check valve.
  • Boom Feed Cylinder One (1) 127 mm (5 in) bore, double acting cylinder with in line check valve.
  • Hydraulic Hose Main system hoses are two wire braid rated at 621 bar (9,000 psi) burst pressure; MSHA 2G flame resistant approved; fittings JIC
  • Pump Two stage gear pump rated at 94.6/56.8 L/min (25/15 gal/min) at 1,770 rpm with spline fit to pump motor.
  • Reservoir 446.7 L (118 gal) capacity reservoir with 7 micron return filtration, filter by-pass and “in tank” strainer.
  • Stab Foot Cylinder One (1) 76.2 mm (3 in) bore, double acting cylinder.
  • Valve Banks and Auxiliary Controls All valve banks are spring returned, bi-directional with main relief set at 138 bar (2,000 psi).
  • Valve Banks and Auxiliary Controls 1 One (1) main valve bank
  • Valve Banks and Auxiliary Controls 2 Two (2) auxiliary cable type controls
  • Valve Banks and Auxiliary Controls 3 Three (3) auxiliary controls
  • Valve Banks and Auxiliary Controls 4 All other pressures are set for each function accordingly.
  • Valve Banks and Auxiliary Controls 5 One (1) cable reel control operated by means of valve handle located in the operator’s tram station.


  • Type Two spring applied, hydraulic released, fail safe brakes at front of machine.


  • Type Size 3 electro-mechanical starter with heater strips, 1.5 kVA transformer and 100 amp circuit breaker.


  • Type Low profile rigid frame. The frame design is a box structure type for a light weight, high strength frame assembly.


  • Components 1 Drill boom feed function control.
  • Components 2 Drill rotation function control.
  • Components 3 Tool supply area on boom for drill steel, drill bits, bolts, resin, etc.


  • Components 1 Cable reel function control.
  • Components 2 Full tram function controls.
  • Components 3 Manually adjustable tram canopy.
  • Components 4 Two pressure gauges.


  • Types Two parts manuals.


  • Kits Seven (7) oil sampling kits.


  • Type Four point, 9.1 kg (20 lb) tank, multi-purpose, ABC dry chemical fire suppression system; manually actuated.


  • Type 1930 mm (6 ft 4 in) reach H-type Design; one primary ATRS cylinder is required for this reach.


  • Components 1 ATRS support function control.
  • Components 2 Stab foot function control.
  • Components 3 Inch tram function controls.


  • Type Guyan 3300 series blower rated 56 CFM at 12 in Hg, variable.


  • Type Belt driven; vacuum blower is directly driven from a hydraulic motor by means of sheaves and “v” belts.


  • Type Donaldson style dust collector box with internal separator, cyclone and filter.


  • Type Four 26×7-12 Solid Rubber Tires – 26 in maximum form diameter, tires mounted on formed rim assemblies.


  • Type 1 Unit is supplied with 7.6 m (25 ft) of recommended cable.
  • Type 2 457 mm (18 in) diameter for #4/3C Round Cable – 83.8 mm (275 ft) capacity reel for #4/3C, GGC round trailing cable.


  • Type Ocenco Incandescent Lighting – with one headlight on front and rear.


  • Type Drill Station Canopy – Attached to A.T.R.S. support arm for operator coverage at drilling controls.


  • Type 1 440 Volt AC Electrical System – pump motor rated at 29.8 kW (40 hp) for one hour at 1,770 rpm.
  • Type 2 Splined insert for direct mounted pump and 440 volt AC heater strip.
  • Type 3 MSHA totally enclosed explosion proof; non-ventilated cooling; foot mounted.


  • Types Extra Parts Manual

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