The odd even rule when started in Delhi initially was successful and even a winning attempt in handling the traffic. Many people are now preferring car pool opportunities and taking the benefit and offers by installing various carpooling apps on their android and iOS.

There are various benefits of this odd even rule and to list a few are as follows:
•    There will be less consumption of fuel.
•    Less pollution as there will be less no of cars on road as compared to usual days.
•    More people will share cars with their known’s on odd even basis.
•    Thos who don’t have their knowns or want to go by their own will go with car pooling option and this will save their money and reduce the pollution.

Many people look for a shortcut option but every shortcut is not the right approach to go with as sometimes it can lead to a biggest problem. Instead of looking for wrong approach like buying two number plates, buying fake CNG stickers its better that one should follow the right approach and inspire others to do so. 

Here are some tips that when followed can be beneficial for Odd - Even Rule: 
•    Start car pooling as it’s a great option.
•    Try to use public vehicle as much as possible.
•    Download car hire apps in your phone and share your way to office fare with friends or colleagues on the way to office. 
•    Look for buying an electric car.
•    Use metro as far as possible.

As per data from DNA India let’s get a look at some of the things that one should know for the second phase of Odd Even Rule in April 2016: 
•    There were less challans in the second phase of Odd Even rule as compared to phase one. 
•    During the 15 day time period of Odd Even Rule a penalty of Rs 1.91 crore from violators was recovered.
•    5514 motorists were penalised in this second phase, according to Delhi Government.
•    The transport department received 13476 calls on its helpline number 42400400 which includes calls for enquiry, complaints and suggestions.

We request all to be follow traffic rules and drive safely on roads.