Do you have any plan to go for a long drive this weekend? Driving in the summers is a big task. Since the weather is scorching hot especially in India, here are the safe driving tips for summers in India.

9 Summer Safe Driving Tips Infographic by Motorbazee India


Explore the Safe Driving Tips for Summer Car Driving below

1. Stay Awake while Driving and Keep Cool Inside –

The tip no. one for driving in summer is to stay awake. According to the studies, the ambient temperatures which are above 22 Degree Celsius can reduce driver’s alertness and cause drowsiness. At 27 Degree Celsius, the reaction time of drivers is 22% slower than drivers at 21 Degree Celsius. So, it is important to set the air conditioning of your car to safe and comfortable 22 Degree Celsius which can keep you alert, cool and responsive.  

2. Turn On the AC for Clear Visibility –
While driving in the mountains or at higher altitudes, outside temperature is likely to drop drastically and can condensation can increase on windscreen and reduce visibility. Turn on the car’s AC to remove condensation and moisture from windscreen to maintain proper visibility on the road.

3. Keep the Air Clean Inside –
The air conditioning in the car can remove around 88% of allergens and pollen in inside air. So, keep the AC turned on to avoid headache and sneezing.

4. Take a Quick Break –
Though it feels tempting to continue driving for long distances to reach the destination faster, you have to beware of driver’s fatigue which is a major cause of road accidents. Along with keeping the car’s temperature below 22 Deg. Celsius, be sure to take around 5 minutes of break after every 2 hours of driving. If you feel tired, rest around 15 to 20 minutes.

5. Do Some Stretching –
When it comes to take break, park your car in a safe place and get outside to stretch your arms, legs and back to maintain alertness and avoid fatigue.

6. Don’t Drive Faster –
Driving faster can increase tiredness easily as it needs higher concentration. Speeding also causes accidents. So, you have to limit your speed as it is not just safe for you, but it is also safe for environment. Not just it is illegal, it doesn’t save time. If you drive at 150kmph rather than 120kmph, it can save just 10 minutes on the distance of 120 km.

7. Follow the Rules –
You should understand and follow the road safety rules and regulations. Especially when it comes to cross state borders, you should consider safety while following the rules.

8. Don’t Use Cellphones -
Wear seatbelt always and stop the car aside when it comes to talk over phone. Or you can use hands-free or Bluetooth set.

9. Never Drink and Drive –
It is one of the leading causes of road accidents and deaths on highways. Be sure to play safe and never drive when you are drunk. It is better to hand the car keys to your friend.

We wish you will follow these summer car safety tips and motivate other too.

Do you have any other car driving tip in summers? Share your reply in the comments below!