Escorts-F 15

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Escorts F 15 Base


Specifications of Escorts F 15 Base


  • Make & Model Diesel engine of VOL VO Eicher make, Model E483 TCIC, T urbo char ged water cooled, developing 101 HP @ 2400 rpm or equivalent engine


  • Clutch Single, dry type friction clutch plate
  • Type Synchr omesh gearbox with auxillary gearbox Speeds-10 forwar d and 2 r everse


  • Turning Radius 7.2 m
  • Type Full power orbitr ol with twin hydraulic double acting rams 40 ar ticulation on either side

Hydraulic System

  • Control valve Main pump of 46 cc/r ev , Contr ol V alve-3 spool double acting with a built in r elief & auxillary valves
  • Pump Main pump of 46 cc/r ev


  • Front Wheel Fully air operated ‘S’ cam dual cir cuit brakes on fr ont & r eal axles
  • Parking Brake Air operated, spring actuated fail safe brakes


  • Type 24 V , DC


  • Operating Weight (Kgs) 15315 kg

Boom Performance

  • Telescoping 4 par t boom, 3 par t hydraulically power ed & fully synchr onised. 4th par t power extended and manually pinned for safety

Hoist System

  • Hoist System Hydraulically operated with 4 falls Built in safety brakes

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