About Us

Motorbazee.com is a company, created by the industry professionals and vehicleaficionados, with a strong aim to avail the Indian automobile buyers with a reliable and authentic data about all the car, truck and equipment models which thus help them in making a smart choice. Motorbazee is the first and the only portal in India featuring interactive virtual showrooms which enable customers to have first-hand viewing experience of their favourite vehicles online.

The company has a strong presence in India which works as a main backbone of this venture, Motorbazee. Through this innovative Vehicle Portal one can get a platform for candid conversations and discussions before ending up on a final decision of buying a vehicle. The research department of Motorbazee is a highly specialized and dedicated team which avails all the tools needed to make an informed buying decision. The aim is fulfilled through active discussions with the customers, practical testing of the vehicles, critical comparison of the alternatives, honest reviews of the vehicles and updating with the latest information.