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ACE 15XWE Base


Specifications of ACE 15XWE Base


  • Engine Model Simpson’s S433(l) F1 (CEV BS-lll), 4 cylinder, water cooled diesel engine OR suitable equivalent engine
  • Rated Power 48 BHP (36KW) at 2200 RPM


  • Clutch Heavy duty, single, dry friction, wire woven clutch plate with diaphragm type pressure plate.
  • Top Speed 28 KMPH Without load
  • Transmission Heavy duty, sliding mesh with 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds with high low range selector.


  • Steering Lever operated with 55° articulation on either side and turning radius of 6.5 Mtrs. (approx) on outer rear wheels

Operating Specifications

  • Lifting Capacity 15 Tonnes (Free on wheels)
  • Operating Weight 11600 kgs

Hydraulic System

  • Air Cleaner 75 bhp
  • Engine 8.00 Ltrs
  • Fuel Tank 45.00 Ltrs.
  • Hydraulic tank capacity 125 ltr
  • Transmission 57 ltr


  • FRONT 11.00 x 20 - 16 PR (4 Nos.)
  • Rear 14.oox25- 12 PR (2 Nos.)


  • Brakes Pneumatically assisted hydraulic brakes, Front and rear brakes are actuated through a single pedal. Parking brake is provided.


  • Electrical 12V, Negative earth with 35 Amp. SYSTEM alternator and 88 Amp hr. battery

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