Eimco Elecon-811

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Eimco Elecon 811 Load Haul Dumper


Specifications of Eimco Elecon 811 Load Haul Dumper


  • 1. High tractive efforts for working in steep gradient and single pass loading.
  • 2. Heavy duty power shift transmission.
  • 3. High strength and impact resistant structure.
  • 4. Extra large cooling system and tank capacity for lower operating temperature with HFB fluid.
  • 5. Option of different rating and types of bucket like bi-directional conveyor bucket.
  • 6. Cross seating operator position for better bi-directional visibility and safety.
  • 7. Simple hydraulics for ease of maintenance.
  • 8. Designed and manufactured for hydraulic system with special components suitable to use ISO VG 46 or invert emulsion (HFB-68) hydraulic oil.

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