Eimco Elecon-912B MK II

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Eimco Elecon 912B MK II Load Haul Dumper


Specifications of Eimco Elecon 912B MK II Load Haul Dumper


  • 1. Payload - 4000 Kgs
  • 10. No spin on both front and rear axles.
  • 11. High dumping height for easy truck loading.
  • 12. Modulated clutch for reduced shocks and drive train stress.
  • 13. Pilot operated controls for reduced fatigue and increased productivity.
  • 14. Designed for effective maintenance.
  • 15. Simple 24V Electric system for ease of maintenance.
  • 2. Breakout force - 6700 Kgs (DIGGING) and 11890 Kgs (HYD. COMBINED)
  • 3. Type of engine - Deutz F6L 912W
  • 4. High Strength and impact resistant structure.
  • 5. Compact in size with short turning radius.
  • 6. Short loading and tramming cycles.
  • 7. Spacious operator compartment on rear chassis at articulation.
  • 8. Unique articulation joint and rear axle oscillation for minimum downtime.
  • 9. Full power shift Transmission.

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