Escorts-XG 958

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Escorts XG 958 Base


Specifications of Escorts XG 958 Base


  • Engine Model Shangchai C6121
  • Max, torque/speed 840N.m/1300-1400r/min
  • Rated power/speed 160KW/2200rpm
  • Type Six-stroke cycle, in-line, and turbocharged

Hydraulic System

  • Number of lift arm cylinders 2
  • Number of till cylinders 1
  • Setting pressure of an unloading valve 12.5Mpa
  • Type of control Pilot, single handle
  • Working pressure of loader hydraulic system 18Mpa


  • Brake air pressure 0.78MPa
  • Foot brake Air-hudraulic actuated, oil-disc brakes on four wheels
  • Hand brake Flexible-shaft-control, internal expansion, shoe-type brake

Power Train

  • Cooling method Oil-cooled pressure circulation
  • Differential Reduction ratio 4.375
  • Drive axle Four-wheel drive
  • Inlet oil pressure 0.85 Mpa
  • Transmission type Countershaft electric hydraulic control shift
  • Type Single-stage single-phase three-element

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