Hyundai Equipment-SL 730

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Hyundai Equipment SL 730 Base


Specifications of Hyundai Equipment SL 730 Base


  • Engine Model Yuchai / YC6J1ZSZ-T20
  • Gross Power 123 HP(92 kW) / 2,200rpm
  • Max Torque 51 kg-m(369 lb-ft)/ 1,400~1,600rpm
  • Power – Net 117 HP(87 kW) / 2,200rpm
  • Type 4-cycle, water cooled, yp turbocharged, diesel, direct injection


  • Bucket capacity 1.7m³
  • Operating Weight 10200kg

Hydraulic System

  • Maximum flow. 160 kgf/cm² (2,275 psi)
  • Pump Type Open-Centered, tandem circuit system (Bucket, Boom)


  • Parking brakes manual contriol disc break on transmision
  • Service air over hydrolic break system

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