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Specifications of Kobelco CKL2600i Base


  • Air Cleaner Dry type with replaceable paper element
  • Batteries Two 12V , 150Ah/20HR capacity batteries, series con- nected
  • Cooling System Liquid, recirculating bypass
  • Displacement 10.520 liters
  • Engine Model Hino diesel engine P11C-UN
  • Fuel filters Replaceable paper element
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 370 liters
  • Max. Torque 1,300 N • m/1,500 min -1
  • Radiator Corrugated type core, thermostatically controlled
  • Rated Power 247 kW at 2,000 min -1 {rpm} (ISO)
  • Starter motor 24 V/6.0 kW
  • Throttle Electric throttle control, twist grip type
  • Type Water-cooled, direct fuel injection, with turbocharger Compiles with NRMM (Europe) Stage IIIA and US EPA Tier III.


  • Crane boom Ground pressure 109 kPa {1.11 kgf/cm² }
  • Crane boom Weight Approx. 214 t,


  • Max. Combination 76.2 m + 30.5 m
  • Max. Length 91.4 m
  • Max. Lifting Capacity 260 t × 4.6 m

Hydraulic System

  • Control Full-flow hydraulic control system for infinitely variable pressure to front and rear drums, boom hoist drum and propel. Controls respond instantly to the touch, delivering smooth func- tion operation.
  • Control system 5.4 MPa {55 kgf/cm²
  • Cooling system : Oil-to-air heat exchanger (plate-fin type)
  • Electrical System All wiring corded for easy servicing, individ- ual fused branch circuits.
  • Filtration Full-flow and bypass type with replaceable element
  • Load hoist, boom hoist and propel system 31.9 MPa {325 kgf/cm² }
  • Reservoir capacity 600 liters
  • Swing system 27.5 MPa {280 kgf/cm² }


  • Brakes A spring-set, hydraulically released multiple-disc brake is mounted on the boom hoist motor and operated through a counter-balance valve


  • Brake Type Spring-set hydraulically releasad(Negative)
  • Max. Line Speed 100 m/min (1st layer)
  • Rated Line Pull(Single Line) 132 kN {13.5 tf}
  • Wire Rope Diameter 25.4 mm
  • Wire Rope Length 480 m (Main), 390 m (Aux.)

Swing Mechanism

  • Swing Speed 2.0 min-1 {2.0rpm}

Hydrostatic Transmission

  • Max Travel Speed 1.1 / 0.7 km/h


  • Swing circle Single-row ball bearing with an integral internally cut swing gear
  • Swing lock Manually, four position lock for transportation
  • Swing parking brakes A spring-set, hydraulically released multiple-disc brake is mounted on swing motor
  • Swing speed 2.0 min -1 {rpm}

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