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Tadano ATF110G-5 Base


Specifications of Tadano ATF110G-5 Base


  • Engine Model Mercedes Benz (Euromot III B, EPA Tier 4i)
  • Max. Output Carrier 390 kW (530 HP)
  • Max. Output Superstructure 129 kW (175 HP)


  • Boom Length 13.0m - 52.0m
  • Drive/Steering 10 x 6 x 10
  • Max Traveling Speed 85km/h
  • Max. Lifting Capacity 110t x 3.0m
  • Max. Lifting Height 52.0m / 86.0m
  • Max. Load Radius 48.0m / 64.0m
  • Overall height 3,995mm
  • Overall Length 14,908mm
  • Overall Width 2,750mm

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